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Cries from Syria

Published June 1, 2012 by sidmary
Syria Children of Freedom

Syria Children of Freedom (Photo credit: FreedomHouse)

For once, I have no words for what is happening. Is it medieval times, or dark ages? Is it ancient customs of physical hate, or the primitive nature of brute men? What is happening? Where is the world going? Is it the new Holocaust? When will this end? When will the strife and the perseverance, the strength and the patience bear results?!

Children don’t die! They are the symbol of life!

If they can carry their flag, and with it their dead: they will win…

Nasr-um-min-Allah-wa-Fat-hun-qareeb!! (Help and victory from Allah is near!)





It’s the dead waiting to be buried. The hands and the burial grounds are wailing and exhausted…Young and old, men and women, children: the martyrs call for peace…Its a call from the wild…

When children die, they shake the heavens…

Humanity cries…

They are children!! Are we to have a holocaust every century!!! (photocredit:

Yet they hope…

                           This is an after-thought: after decades of tyrant rule, Husni Mubarak is behind the bars. From the king to a criminal, his journey has been admonishing. His verdict will be given tomorrow. Does that have any signs for the Syrian Government???                               

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