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Published February 5, 2018 by sidmary

O City,

Rushing, running on your way

With loud and boisterous sounds, 

Stopping nowhere, no matter the time…
You are static

From high above. 

A constellation of twinkling lights

And slow moving torches

In complete silence. 
All rooftops are the same.

All roads are mere winding lines. 

There are no people. 

And year after year 

There are only structures erected

At some height from the ground-

Marks and stains of human life.
They are right who say that 

“Things change from high above.”

Life slows and sounds cease to be. 
And hush now, O City, proud and wide: 

You are but a slow moving 

Near static constellation.



Published February 9, 2017 by sidmary

​Today, while listening to Surah Maryam, there was a point when I was truly shaken. Right at the beginning of the Surah, Hz Zakariyya in his old age prays for progeny. He does not ask Allah swt for offspring to love or cherish, or that would support him in old age, or that would carry on his lineage. His wish for an offspring is way beyond personal. He says:
“And I fear my relations after me, and my wife is barren, then bestow me from Yourself any one who may takeover my work’.
He should be my heir and be the heir of the children of Yaqub and O my Lord! Make him acceptable’.”
He prays for a progeny that would spread the word of Allah after him; that would follow in the footseps of the Prophets (Alayehi salaam), and that would enjoin the good, and forbid the wrong. 
Additionally, we see a clear manifestation of the social responsibility that Hz Zakariyya feels, and the love and concern that he has for his people inspite of their transgressions.
No wonder that Allah swt gives him the glad tidings of Hz Yahya.. and says:
‘O Zakaria! We give you glad tiding of a son whose name is Yahya. We have not made anyone of this name before him.’
And that:
‘And peace is on him the day when he was born and the day, when he will die and the day when he will beraised alive.’
And today, with parents worrying and complaining about their children all the time, let ua ponder on what we really want and expect from our progeny. It the minds and the hearts, the visions and the aims of the parents that are reflected in their offspring. 
“رَبَّنَا هَبْ لَنَا مِنْ أَزْوَاجِنَا وَذُرِّيَّاتِنَا قُرَّةَ أَعْيُنٍ وَاجْعَلْنَا لِلْمُتَّقِينَ إِمَاماً” 
‘Our Lord! Grant unto us spouses and offspring who will be the comfort of our eyes, and give us (the grace) to lead the righteous.’


Published January 29, 2017 by sidmary

I learnt

That your senses are all linked 

By synapses.

That is why when you flip through an album 

Of a love now lost,

You can hear from the pictures,

A soft, murmuring whisper

In your ears.

You can feel exactly-

The touch of his skin:

Soft, warm- And now cold

Against yours.

You can smell his frangrance:

Strong, sweet-

And now distant.

All senses are resurrected

In a path your synapses formed so long ago,

You almost forgot it;

Alive and remembered now. 
And against your tongue;

You can taste again

The soft, sweet flavour

Of words once said. 

Now, the flavour lost

Under the bitter taste of your last fight;

The sour taste of accusations;

The bittersweet ‘Goodbye, Adieu’

A raven’s ‘nevermore.’
All paths that formed between you

Are now lost or barred

Or destroyed beyond recognition.

But there are paths still-

Formed by the very cells of your body:



That come alive with the trigger of a single sound,

An image, a voice, a smell-

And all senses tread those paths again

Within yourself. 

-Sidra Maryam

Cries from Syria

Published April 30, 2016 by sidmary

Four years later and still… #AleppoisBurning


Syria Children of Freedom Syria Children of Freedom (Photo credit: FreedomHouse)

For once, I have no words for what is happening. Is it medieval times, or dark ages? Is it ancient customs of physical hate, or the primitive nature of brute men? What is happening? Where is the world going? Is it the new Holocaust? When will this end? When will the strife and the perseverance, the strength and the patience bear results?!

Children don’t die! They are the symbol of life! If they can carry their flag, and with it their dead: they will win… Nasr-um-min-Allah-wa-Fat-hun-qareeb!! (Help and victory from Allah is near!)

It’s the dead waiting to be buried. The hands and the burial grounds are wailing and exhausted…Young and old, men and women, children: the martyrs call for peace…Its a call from the wild… When children die, they shake the heavens… Humanity cries… They are children!! Are we to have a holocaust…

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No Apology

Published June 19, 2015 by sidmary

Mehreen Kasana

On my way to class, I take the Q train to Manhattan and sit down next to an old white man who recoils a noticeable bit. I assume it’s because I smell odd to him, which doesn’t make sense because I took a shower in the morning. Maybe I’m sitting too liberally the way men do on public transit with their legs a mile apart, I think to myself. That also doesn’t apply since I have my legs crossed. After a few seconds of inspecting any potential offence caused, I realize that it has nothing to do with an imaginary odor or physical space but with the keffiyeh around my neck that my friend gifted me (the Palestinian scarf – an apparently controversial piece of cloth). It is an increasingly cold October in NYC. Sam Harris may not have told you but we Muslims need our homeostasis at a healthy…

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Published July 19, 2014 by sidmary

Fourteen hundred and twenty seven years back, this day, God granted Muslims a victory.

A victory that was so beautiful, and so grand, and so complete, that there is no record in history of a victory so great….also, a victory that was gained without a single drop of blood being shed.

It was the conquest of Makkah, the land that Muslims were forced to flee when its inhabitants made life so harsh on them:persecuting, boycotting, taunting and killing them, that they were given permission to migrate.

In the Conquest, eight years later, the Prophet(saw)assembled those persecutors, taunters, haters and unbelievers, and asked them what decision they expected.

They said “You are a noble brother and a noble cousin.” He said there is no punishment for you today. You are free.

Fourteen hundred and twenty seven years flash forward. 

Muslims are persecuted, taunted and killed. Numerous children are massacred inhumanly, and the number rises as Israel starts its ground invasion. 

But a verse pronounced then, echoes over the fieldsand mountains and valleys; over cities being bombed, and houses and mosques and schools being shelled. Over the cries of tortured civilians, screaming children, and valiant freedom fighters.

A verse: “That truth has come, and falsehood has vanished, and indeed, it is in the nature of falsehood to vanish.”

But there is more in the spirit and remembrance of the Conquest of Makkah for Muslims to remember at this perilous hour. History says that you must believe, you must have faith, you must strive and struggle, you must stay united, and you must never give up!

There will come times upon you when you would be starved. When you would have to fight, and sacrifice the things most beloved to you for your Lord. When your children will cry and you will be incapable to calm them. When the enemy will advance and you will be afraid. When you will be few and the enemy would be great. But through these steps, the help of God will come. 

But the spirit must never die, and the faith and teachings must never be compromised.

Happy anniversary of the Conquest of Makkah to all the Muslims! May you grasp what it says!

And to all the Non-Muslims, may you learn to appreciate it! (Ameen)

-Sidra Maryam

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