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Why I Don’t Believe Darwin

Published February 8, 2013 by sidmary

The debate of the evolution of man versus the concept that God created Adam is a debate that has not been resolved since Darwin. For me however, the debate never was. I strongly, staunchly disagree with Darwin.

My stance is not the many loopholes in the scientific perspective of the theory. No, I take it the way it affects the society. You pick up a book on Fascism, Nazism or any of such extremist theories of the twentieth-century, and you will come across the phrase “Social-Darwinism” used over and over again. (You may not, but you’ll find the idea). And the idea was about the superiority of a race, and that too of only the fittest of it. About the “survival of the fittest” if we take take it in the Darwin’s way of things.

This is a recreated vector image in SVG. The o...

This is a recreated vector image in SVG. The original “Human_evolution_scheme.png” was made by José-Manuel Benitos.  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

That was the reason that it was not just the Jews who were exterminated in Nazi Germany, but the physically and mentally unfit too who were executed. Their crime: not being perfect; their judges: breeds of ill thought.

And I believe in God. I believe that He is merciful and that everything He makes manifests His mercy. I also believe that every scientific theory presented regarding man has an effect on the society and its structure. Thus the mercy of God demands that even in the universal structure there be no such element as would destroy or corrupt the society if applied to it. Darwinism; the theory of the evolution of man did.

Another reason I don’t believe Darwin is that God, in the creation of Adam, gave me an exalted status. He made me respectable and honoured. He made me His deputy. A deputy of the Lord of the worlds! That gives me a standard to come up to, and a distinction from other creation. It gives me confidence in my being and a purpose to my Life. On the other hand, if I believe that I evolved from apes, I would have no moral standing! The concept of God’s creation of Adam is what gives me everything that makes me different from animals.

I’ll keep that short. The acceptability of a theory for me is how it affects or aims to affect the society. How it upholds morals and grooms the social structure. The twentieth century, having with the most atheistic and materialistic tendency ever seen in the people, brought only havoc to Earth. The theory of evolution of man, was no different. One is as unacceptable to me as the other…

–Sidra Maryam

God and Afterlife: A Logical Approach (2)

Published January 8, 2012 by sidmary

I believe that there is a life after Death; that everyone is going to be resurrected and justice will be ordained and people will eventually get what they deserve.

I believe that everything is directed towards an end. I see that all mortals die; and all which are not mortal, decay in the normal course of life. Nothing lives or stays forever. Everyone and everything is directed towards culmination. That is the course for every small thing I see, and that makes me believe that every big thing too must eventually finish off. That is why I believe that the Earth and the skies will all culminate too: that all are directed and moving towards an end. I believe in what is called “Al-Aakhirah”- The Last (Day)

I believe that Justice will be ordained and everyone will be treated justly. The world judges on appearances and is often corrupt. The court does not know what lives at the heart and the intentions of each person. That way, people sometimes cannot prove and thus do not get what is rightfully theirs. Moreover, there are many`instances when a person is degraded socially, emotionally or spiritually. This greatly affects a person’s life but is not something the court can deal with. However, every such “crime” needs to be punished.

It also happens that a person works hard, honestly and devotedly and does not get what he  deserves. Instead, someone else gets it through a personal connection or influence leaving the first person rubbing his hands.  I believe that when justice is so important to humans that they establish courts for it, then it would be more so for their Creator, and that he too would set court for it. There, people who did any sort of wrong in the world will be punished; and people who worked for a better world, even if there work did not pay, will be rewarded. And as I believe that God is All-Knowing, there is nothing that will be left uninvestigated.

There are good people on Earth and bad bad people. People who are righteous, pious and honest; and people who live lives of self-devoutness, misguide people and wreck havoc on Earth. It is not rational that both the kinds come to the same end. History oft speaks of righteous people living extremely difficult lives and being killed and burned on stakes for their righteousness; and tyrants being respected and honored in their lives and even after that. That really good people at heart are considered and known bad by the world, and treated accordingly; and really bad people have their vices kept behind curtains, and are spoken greatly of. That a person kills people for his personal reasons and another person seeking justice, is killed in the pursuit. A Hitler and a Saint do not deserve the same end. That is why I believe that when Justice is ordained, people will be punished or rewarded rightly. I believe in Heaven and Hell.

I believe in Afterlife.

Sidra Maryam

God and Afterlife: A Logical Approach (1)

Published December 30, 2011 by sidmary

I recently read a blog post by an atheist. A person who believes in neither God, nor afterlife. To keep it short, I disagreed. I believe in the right and the freedom of expression, and respect every person’s own believes; yet I have been taught, like every well-groomed person id taught: to stand up for my believes and “disagree agreeably.” It is thus that I write this post:

I believe that everything in the world has a source. That is what I study in all physics: That everything is made up of matter, and matter is the source of all things. This leads me to think that matter too must have a source, and this source must not be matter. There should be an ultimate source of all things; and Something that exists without a source to Itself. I believe that source is God. And I believe that not believing in Him would be denying all physics.

I believe that man is not perfect; that is why he cannot create perfect things. That is why the best of people have some drawbacks here and there, and that is why everything that is created is improved by another generation. Yet I see perfection in many things. I see perfection in the intricate structures of the unicellular organisms; I see perfection in my own body systems, and I see perfection in the vast expanse of the universe which the best of scientists have not been able to determine. The most useless things created are created by a “creator.” This leads me to believe a number of things:

  • There is a Creator, Who created the cells, Who created me, Who created the universe, and everything in it.
  • That Creator is perfect, that is why His creations are perfect in structure and mechanism.
  • That Creator is very powerful. In fact, Ultimately Powerful, Ultimately Insightful, and All-Encompassing. That is why each cell, and the whole universe work in harmony.

I believe that all naturally occurring things work in harmony. (Just as I mentioned). That is why each of the six body systems, (that is as much as I know of) do not overlap or hinder each other. That is why, the carbon cycle and the nitrogen cycle and the water cycle, and all other cycles are as they are: consisting of and involving in themselves a great number of organisms, processes, and things. That is why the planets all move in confined orbits and do not crash against each other. That is why the sun is a measured distance away from Earth and the galaxies are so far apart. That is why I believe that there is only a Single Entity as a creator, or things won’t be in such a harmony, and that Creator is Ultimately Wise and All-Knowing.

I believe in God.

Sidra Maryam

* I am not a scholar or a theologist. Just a ninth grade student. My approach is my own logic and what i have gathered from reading.

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