This is an alliteration. My blog, my life, my words- they are all in sync. And this is a portfolio of my words.

Words make up my life. I read in words, I write in words, I see in words, I talk in words, I feel in words, I sometimes even dream in words! Words are what I am and I present mine here as my life- my portfolio.

These Words give me Ideas. I am not sure whether its the Words which give me Ideas or Ideas which give me Words, or maybe the two compliment each other in a non-separable way- but these Ideas mean a lot to me. I nurture them and I culture them. They are thoughts, phrases, designs, or just plain simple Ideas; they give my life direction and ambition. They give me hope, joy, excitement and ecstasy. They give me elation and determination. They give me aims, goals and targets. They are my passion.

My passions lead me very high. They make me often unrealistic, unpractical and very romantic; yet they allow me to dream. They allow me to hope and to work towards my Dreams. They allow me to live them.

They allow me to aim and dream unrealistically, unconditionally; and believe in my goals because the pages of history are filled with people who have risen from nothing to the skies.

I aim for the skies- the purple ones, because they are rare and they are regal. They are romantic and unrealistically fantastic, attractive and beyond reach. They are my challenge: my personal challenge and my global challenge. They are the skies I will reach. IA.

My portfolio is my asset of purple passions.

Please note that all writings on this blog are strictly © Copyright to me, Sidra Maryam. Please respect the copyright laws. No writing can be reused without the permission of the writer.

Good reading!

Sidra Maryam

36 comments on “About

  • hey….i read this just now….nd well….best of luck for the “purple passions”…..
    May Allah Grant You What You Aspire (nd which is rightfully yours….;)!!!

  • call me a stalker or what…But the words do strike some chords here and there……refined words do cause revolutions …Masha ALLAH your blog is appreciable

    • forgive me my choice of words…”follower” is more appropriate when it comes to blogging and most certainly nothing that i mind. Its good to hear that you agree and appreciate. Thank you

  • No no no. Sidra,I don’t think you understand the seriousness of this situation. You CannoT have a purplish girlie blog with ducks on it. YOU ARE DESTROYING THE AWESOMENESS OF MOST THINGS I BELIEVE IN…… this is unacceptable!! …it’s an.. aggrandizer of evils!

    • OMG!! i never realized this was so serious! wait up….i definitely need to put up my gear for an ultra-serious operation. Don’t worry, your beliefs about the awesomeness of things and my blog are both going to come around perfectly safe 🙂

  • It’s only fair that my name be among the comment-ers on your awesome About page 😀
    Your friend up there was absolutely right. You put Shakespeare to shame! The real Shakespeare. Not my Shakespeare, though :p

  • Sidra, I wonder how I missed your ‘About’ page! This is just so perfect, your words reflect high aims, positivity, grand ideas, and purple passions! 🙂 Love your blog title, your theme, and of course, your blogs.
    Keep writing awesome as you do!
    – Maria.

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