Published January 29, 2017 by sidmary

I learnt

That your senses are all linked 

By synapses.

That is why when you flip through an album 

Of a love now lost,

You can hear from the pictures,

A soft, murmuring whisper

In your ears.

You can feel exactly-

The touch of his skin:

Soft, warm- And now cold

Against yours.

You can smell his frangrance:

Strong, sweet-

And now distant.

All senses are resurrected

In a path your synapses formed so long ago,

You almost forgot it;

Alive and remembered now. 
And against your tongue;

You can taste again

The soft, sweet flavour

Of words once said. 

Now, the flavour lost

Under the bitter taste of your last fight;

The sour taste of accusations;

The bittersweet ‘Goodbye, Adieu’

A raven’s ‘nevermore.’
All paths that formed between you

Are now lost or barred

Or destroyed beyond recognition.

But there are paths still-

Formed by the very cells of your body:



That come alive with the trigger of a single sound,

An image, a voice, a smell-

And all senses tread those paths again

Within yourself. 

-Sidra Maryam

5 comments on “Synapses

  • Dear Sidra
    Synapses reminded me of Shelley’s
    ‘Music when soft voices die
    Vibrates in the memory
    Odours when sweet violers sicken
    Live wirhin the sense they quick
    And so thy thoughts when thou art gone
    Love itself shall slumber on’
    Synapses has the same spirit only embodied in the phrase of 2017 vis a vis 1821. Amazing. Enjoyed it.

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