Death Thou Shalt Die

Published April 3, 2014 by sidmary



From the moment that we enter the sleep-wake phase, where we on one hand are clinging to that dream we have swiftly fallen in love with, hanging on to them with ravenous hands, into the cruel clutches of reality, we are never done Desiring.

Coveting all pleasures in life.

Craving for all that we do not have.

Demanding what was never meant to be ours.

Yearning for the unfeasible.

Reeling over what is his or hers

And in that too, when we are let down, when we feel that our gluttonous souls have not been fed to their heart’s content. When we feel that we have done nothing worthwhile. When we believe that we have attained nothing significant. Even then we still, keeping up with the spirit, continue with our Desiring. But this time something different. Something that we consider profound This time it is

Longing for everything to end.

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