The Hospital

Published December 10, 2013 by sidmary

If you want to learn

about life,


to the hospital.



People come,

and people go.

And the in-betweens


and pray

and act

in uncertainty.

–Sidra Maryam


Hospital (Photo credit: Ralf Heß)


14 comments on “The Hospital

  • When you talk of people coming in and going out of hospital, you depict some harsh and some pleasant realities of life. While some celebrate recovery from an illness and at the same very moment some mourn the eternal departure of their loved ones, are the norms of an hospital.0nly a seeing eye and a tender delicate heart like yours is required.

  • Height of an agony is the plight of in-betweens who endure uncertainity in getting well.
    from a deadly ailment.THEN WHICH OF THE FAVOURS OF THY LORD WILL YE DENY ? You wrote well Sidra !

      • Sidmary !

        By your interpretation of the in-betweens,a sheer factual realization occurred to me :

        After the poets breathe their last,their poetry many a times remain at the mercy of
        people’s interpretation who may very rarely arrive at the core of an idea behind certain brain work and instead they either over evaluate or under estimate it. but lucky are those poets who are alive and vibrant to auto-interpret their brainchild as in your case you did it . I was also prone to the right direction.My sympathies are with Ghalib ,Shakespeare and Wordsworth who may be interpreted what they never meant .
        GOOD LUCK !

  • That’s true. but i suppose that is the art of literature: that everyone understands something different from a single piece, which might or might not mean what the writer intended, but is not wrong either. So everyone learns something different from it, and the writer ends up doing more good than he ever intended!
    Thats what we study in literature…that nothing you interpret can be wrong enough as long as you can proove it from the text! And that i believe is the beauty of the written word. πŸ™‚

  • Well! Well!Well ! three cheers for you and your generosity !

    In tranquil nights, in isolation SIDMARY contemplates and meditates and after burning gallons of oil of a generator (KESC off ),generates and creates a unique idea and without any doubt it is and will be her property rather intellectual property.Then comes JI (not jamaat but Javaid ishaq ) who quotes it 180 degrees out of phase.Well we know SIDMARY is broad-minded ,easy-going,generous and sympathetic who accepts it happily but it is not justified on part of J I..

  • To my “ancient times knowledge” a male human can only produce a male clone so the word hijab was used to mark an exception ,Moreover it is a combo tribute to Sidmary and Abusidra .I thought a clarification might be useful..

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