There should be a Uniform System of Education in Pakistan

Published October 25, 2013 by sidmary


(Following is my argument on the debate we had in school. I was the leader of proposition, and this being the first speech, focuses on breaking up and explaining the topic as well as presenting the stance.)


Honorable Chairperson,


I present my speech today in favor of the topic at hand, and am presenting in fact, one of the many paradoxes of life.


This specific paradox, is one that sneers at us from right under our noses, and makes a joke out of us every passing moment, yet one that we fail even to be amused about.


The system of education, prevalent in Pakistan, is ironically a host to a multitude of other systems, just like a decaying body, which becomes the host to the growth of a multitude of fungal and bacterial colonies. The end, needless to say, can never be good.


The real irony here however, lies in the fact that this education, which is meant to illuminate, build bridges and extend boundaries, is in fact cutting off communication, limiting minds, and building fences.


Quaid-e-Azam said and I quote that “You have to stand guard over the development and maintenance of Islamic democracy, Islamic social justice, and the equality of manhood in you own native soil.” (unquote)


I ask you Hon. Chair, HOW, how exactly is the development and maintenance of Islamic social justice and the equality of manhood possible in this land, when its very education is one that creates social classes, builds class differences, and wipes away empathy from hearts?


Hon. Chair,


The state of education in our country is dismal. Divide the system into three components, and you will find yet more diversity under their umbrellas. Take first the private sector, mostly schools and colleges affiliated with foreign universities, and exceptions aside, you will find that although they provide quality education, usually in a high-tech environment, they send individuals in the world with an undue superiority complex. Individuals, who although trained in the multiple fields of sciences, business and humanities, are untrained in the disciples of life, and morals.


Take next our institutions of religious education, namely the Madrassas, and you will find that the most excellent syllabus, is taught sadly without innovation and integration, resulting in pushing the best potential scholars behind in the race against time, and creating a class altogether different from those taught in schools.


We take lastly the government schools, and their general state of deterioration requires no introduction.


Hon. Chair,


Lets analyze this.


Lets question ourselves.


Why is a privately educated individual made into an instrument in the capitalist machinery. Why is he given no guidance about his purpose of life, and no understanding of people unlike himself!


And why is a student educated in a Madrassa left behind in the modern world, when its integration with religion and morals that the world needs the most right now.


And why should a student studying from a government school be deprived of the basic essence of education?


Hon. Chair,


The answer to all these questions is simple. There should one system of education, across the country, that provides ideological, value-based, and modern education assisted by up-to-date teaching methodologies and equipment.


In compliance to Article-25A of the constitution of Pakistan, that promises the provision of education to all and everyone till the age of 16, such should be the standard.


James A. Garfield said and I quote, that: ” Next in importance to freedom and justice, is proper education, without which neither freedom, nor justice can be permanently maintained.” (unquote)


Hon. Chair,


It is such a uniform system of education, that inculcates the principles of freedom and justice, that our country needs the most right now. For education is, as the Quaid said, “a matter of life and death for the country.”


As for my friends who might question the practicality of the suggestion, I have but one more message of the Quaid: “With faith, discipline and selfless devotion to duty, their is nothing that is not possible.”



People sitting on mats on the floor, reading b...

People sitting on mats on the floor, reading books. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

(And i won!!! ๐Ÿ˜€ )


–Sidra Maryam



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