Massacre of the Muslim Ummah

Published August 17, 2013 by sidmary

Holocaust 2

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I am angry. That’s a mild word though, for what i’m feeling.

Is the world blind? Are the people standing for “the religion of humanity” dead now? Why don’t you see the massacre of Egypt? And before this, the massacre of Burma??  Why don’t I see an uproar  against this?! Are the Muslims dead too? Or asleep? WAKE UP!! Wake up to the dead, mangled and bloody bodies of your Egyptian brotherhood. Whether they’re 18, or 94, or 2200. They’re our blood, our mud!  Why even think about the figure?…

And what is the massacre for? Government forces were using machine guns, snipers, AK-47 and M-16 rifles and were firing into the crowd. According to Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood, at least 2,200 people were killed and 10,000 others injured in the crackdown by the Egyptian security forces on protest sit-ins held by Morsi supporters in Cairo.

Why? Because they wanted their president back…

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