lux ex tenebris

Published July 24, 2013 by sidmary


and the tearing of Heart.


and the tumult of Mind.


and the regret of Knowing.


and the unrest of Ignorance. 


and the failing of Thought. 


and the restraint of Chains. 


and the shattering of Soul.


and no immunity to pain…



and the warmth of Love.


and the satisfaction of Truth.


and the power of Faith.


and the healing from Freedom.


and the perfection of Imperfection…

–Sidra Maryam


Abstract (Photo credit: fireflythegreat)


11 comments on “lux ex tenebris

  • The first part shows how paradoxical life in this dunya is. It’s like the rose and the thorn. But then the second part becomes a beautiful summary of basically the good in pursuing all of these. Nicely wrapped up. The pursuit of these “notions” can empower you and with it will come the ability to be empowering.

    • hmm…that’s what i wanted to convey: that life is difficult, and its the most abstract of things that make its elements beautiful. things unfortunately, that we often underestimate… 🙂

    • A dis-empowering one i suppose…about all the times that you think you’ve got it perfectly sorted out until you realize that you were not even close…and the times when the thoughts you were so proud of just don’t stand by you anymore…and when you want to think, but you can’t…
      basically the state of utter confusion and loss that is the subject of the first stanza…
      but then of course, it can lead to epiphany, and true enlightening 🙂

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