Reflections of a 10th grader on the Staff Appreciation Day

Published March 30, 2013 by sidmary

(so everyone here may not be so well able to relate to the teachers who taught me, but one thing is definite, the experience, the wonderful wonderful experience of a teacher student relationship is what everyone is able to relate to. So here you go,  may you travel too, down your memory lane, appreciating all the teachers who came in your life, and the changes they made.)

I entered school as a first grader…nervous and overwhelmed, and my father put in my pocket the single slip that I would be most regular in forgetting over the course of the next few years.

Grade 1, I was taught by ms Amber and Ms Rahila, their faces forever etched in my memory. I remember that in that class, when teachers used to speak in english amongst themselves, I used to suspect that they were conspiring against us!! I must say I thank all the teachers who removed this doubt.

For grade 2, I must thank ms Uzma Butt, who in having confidence in me, gave me confidence.

Then in class three came ms tahira arif, mrs. motasim, ms farkhunda…all faces radiating love and care. I thank them for taking me through the earliest years of my school life.

I salute all these teachers too, for dealing so well with the frequent, if equally embarrassing phenomenon of peeing students, and petty fights. In fact, I salute all the starter teachers who were, are or will be, for remaining sweet and loving inspite of all.

Then of course, I must thank ms fareeda for being the awesomest class teacher ever, and ms lubna shah who has left school, but who in that first proper year of literature, made me fall eternally in love with it.

Mrs. Noorani too, for being the firmist follower of rules and principles that I have ever seen. For being so loyal, and so efficient in her work, yet for having always, a smiling countenance.

I thank mrs durrani for setting an ideal of discipline in the school, and i can never forget her teaching to “think” in english before writing my heart became garden garden. I thank ms sainora too, and ms humera for classes in math and science that have been unforgettable, and ms hemani who was adorable, and creative and u forgettable. The illustrations made in her class have kept still in my memory, the chapters we studied about manghopir and pakistan, and the farewell song she taught us as we left the junior section, I can’t possibly forget it:

thank you thank you teacher dear,

we were happy to be here,

now we have to go away,

we will miss you every day…

And i do suppose, we do.

Moving on to the middle section, i am at loss of where we would’ve been without mrs hyder. Her guidance in all matters, her energy that made the classes so lively… and the memories that were made with her over the next three years to stay…

ms nighat, for making tashreeh easy, and that book you gave that i have treasured.

ms shagufta, whose literature classes were Dynamic!! she inculcated my love for classics….and i thank her too, for the most adorable happy faces and encouraging comments in my literature exercise book that still bring a smile to my face when i venture ro go through them..

ms afreen, for that first lesson in algebra in which we didn’t open our pouches, and in that, for dispelling my fear of the topic..

ms kanwal, for the language classes in grade 6, and the merchant of venice in grade 8, you were phenomenal…

ms sabihah…for three consecutive years of geography and one year of history…i know i couldn’t have had any better

ms rabia jamal, for bearing with the antics in the “tower wali class” in grade seven, for being my class teacher again in grade 9, and never being less awesome. For encouraging me, and making me believe in myself..

ms noreen mehtab, for making history easy, ms nazia, for making me love it, and ms farzana and ms bina for making me love it more..

ms shabana for being ever indiscriminate and ms sadia for math in class 7, and again in 10, with add math. You taught me that there is no problem in these subjects that practice cannot overcome…also, for being an amazing housemother last year…and we have been you know, a most “creative batch” :p (thats a joke for last years class 9 prefect body), also for being so understanding and caring…and soo well managed a person

ms sadia seema, for three years of more than urdu…you have taught us lessons in life,

ms madiha, ms sana for biography ghol k pilane ko, and mrs akbar ali, you have ever been an inspiration. I cannot forget how in our “class issues” you used to come and start the lecture and never losing focus, used to bring it to such a thought provoking and inspiring conclusion…i must say, you are eloquent. And of course, for the class cleaning day that we celebrated in grade 7, I thank you.

ms noreen ather, for being the most empathizing class teacher evr. It was in her class that i finally realized that teachers too work hard, and there are people besides mothers who can love you.

ms maria, the one who took our YLP lessons, she stayed just two years, but she has had a lasting impression on our lives. She was inspiration personified.

Another word for ms farzana aziz…i’ll just confirm it, you are cute, and have been most loyal to your subject. I salute you..

ms farzana sarwar, the one teacher your heart would defy you to displease…the softest, sweetest teacher i have ever come accross, who’d never scold you, and would be ever so ready to re-explain what you missed out…her greatest scolding being “arey beta…kiya karte ho..”

another compliment for all the urdu team, grade 1 to grade 10, i have never quite realized how you manage to cover  such a lot of syllabus so fast and soo efficiently. You always amaze me..

ms nikhat, for her smile, sir zeeshan for being an amazing physics teacher, and ms hina who taught chemistry last year, for being so good at it.

ms shaheen, for being sooo generous in her love, wishes and prayers…i depend on them.  And for that book “keemyagar” that i open to read your prayer if ever i am feeling low…and most importantly, for remembering me, AND the most wonderful shayri that you text..

ms beena kohati bilal…her going has been a loss to the school. Her classes were so well planned, and there was a sophisticated somethig in her personality…not to mention her jokes, and how apprachable she was. An inspiring person to say the least.

ms uzma khan…i take a pleasure in having been in your demo class aswell as the first year that you taught here..

ms fauzia samreen…who has been so patriotic and soo dynamic, and so organized and well, just sooo amazing. She is without exaggeration, the first person to close her formatives. I thank her, and mrs ameen too, for exposing us more to the world in their classes than roaming the world ever could…and for setting so clear a path that should be taken.

ms farah bukhari…you havent taught me, but you warm greetings and wishes are enough to make anyone’s day, and you were an amazing escort to rotsky..

mrs shakeel, for being soo approachable and understanding. i remember ages ago, on one specific staff appreciation day, the senior boys made a slogan for you: “sab bachon ki aik hi maa, ms uzma” and i had been so awed, i always wanted to know you. just this that you haven’t disappointed my expectations about you.

ms iffat, whose classes are unforgettable, and ms afshan, for teaching so well. When you open the chemistry book and go through the chapter, that is when you realize what an amazing teacher she is…

ms ambreen, for answering all our questions and covering the syllabus so fast and so well

and always, mrs raheel, for that winning smile, pat on the back, and words of encouragement that are so heart lifting…and for always being so concerned of my health

ms beena, I’ll mention you again as being a most proficient powerpoint designer, and for being such a friend. For giving me soo much time, and helping me in covering the syllabus I had missed in extra classes…

ms rana…you haven’t been teaching us for long, but thank you for bearing with us so well, and being so ready to clarify all our problems..

ms maliha…i saved you for the last. just that i feel so honoured to be taught by you. As i passed grade 9,I had almost lost hope of being taught by you and mrs amin. I had been wanting you to teache me since grade 7, and had been mournng that i would have to graduate without being taught by two of the best teachers the school has, my stroke of luck i suppose, or the good God’s blessing that you both began teaching class 10s this year!! thank you for everything..

And of course a word for Dr. Ghazala, whose determination, persistence and perseverance has also been a source of inspiration for me. Who is the personification of a woman’s strength; and whom I thank too for having given the opportunity to me, and so many like me, to get to know the best of teachers in the world, in the best of atmospheres to be provided.

and i couldn’t figure out which teacher that was who complimented me, but my heartfelt thanks. s. When you are praised by  someone who looks up to you, the experience is humbling and gratifying, but being praised by a someone whom you look to, the experience, in addition to being humbling, is exhilirating too…thank you for giving me that experience in a time so wanting of it (i.e. just before the mocks 😛 )

thank you all the teachers who have been, are, and ever will be. You hold a special place in my heart…and i look up to you, as i look up to my parents, for what you have made me today.

and since i just finished pride and prejudice, I would end as mr darcy ends his letter: “with, but one thing to say: God bless you.”

( i know everyone who is reading this was probably expecting me to study, but i just had to do this )

— Sidra Maryam


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