Published March 15, 2013 by sidmary

We’ve all got that one person in our lives whom we turn to when we want someone to encourage us to live again…sometimes we we don’t find any such, we have to be that person ourselves…
for all the philanthropists and the philanthropists to be: the world needs you… 🙂

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Her: Hey, you there?
The Other person: Yess. What’s up?
Her: Nothing..
The other person: Something wrong?
Her: You know it. I think.

The other person: Is this about your friend?
Her: Her too.
The other person: Marriage?
Her: I lost interest.
The other person: What is it?
Her: I Slipped. Into. Deep….
The other person: Drugs?
Her: Depression.
The other person: Ohh..

Her:  I can’t eat. I don’t feel like going anywhere, not upto seeing anyone. Just tears. All the time, whenever no ones around…
The other person: Hey. Let me tell you something. We cannot change the cards we are dealt, but we can choose how we play the hand. You can choose to return to being awesome. You just don’t want to.
Her: I can’t…
The other person: That’s crap.
Another thing. Two things are infinite; The universe, and human stupidity. In your case, i’m not sure about…

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