Darkness begets Knowledge

Published March 6, 2013 by sidmary

“Darkness begets knowledge.”

The city’s shut down. The shutters dropped. The houses are locked with people safe inside. And the ones outside?? The ones who lost their homes?? The ones who have none…??

The schools are to remain close for an undetermined period. Same for business transactions. There are some who take this as another few days for home, yet others who depend on daily work for daily wages for daily food…What about them??

The business shutdown causes loss of fortunes everyday. The very soil screams out, yet the din above ground suppresses its cries. The country holds treasures, asks us to exploit them,…do we hear??

People die, people starve, people hallucinate, people violate, people resent, people despair…Thats’s not the onset of night, its the end.

“Darkness begets knowledge.”

Knowledge begets Light.

Light begets the Cure.

Keep positive. The world needs you. Its future is yours. Do your part…It’s waiting…


–Sidra Maryam



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