Why I Don’t Believe Darwin

Published February 8, 2013 by sidmary

The debate of the evolution of man versus the concept that God created Adam is a debate that has not been resolved since Darwin. For me however, the debate never was. I strongly, staunchly disagree with Darwin.

My stance is not the many loopholes in the scientific perspective of the theory. No, I take it the way it affects the society. You pick up a book on Fascism, Nazism or any of such extremist theories of the twentieth-century, and you will come across the phrase “Social-Darwinism” used over and over again. (You may not, but you’ll find the idea). And the idea was about the superiority of a race, and that too of only the fittest of it. About the “survival of the fittest” if we take take it in the Darwin’s way of things.

This is a recreated vector image in SVG. The o...

This is a recreated vector image in SVG. The original “Human_evolution_scheme.png” was made by José-Manuel Benitos.  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

That was the reason that it was not just the Jews who were exterminated in Nazi Germany, but the physically and mentally unfit too who were executed. Their crime: not being perfect; their judges: breeds of ill thought.

And I believe in God. I believe that He is merciful and that everything He makes manifests His mercy. I also believe that every scientific theory presented regarding man has an effect on the society and its structure. Thus the mercy of God demands that even in the universal structure there be no such element as would destroy or corrupt the society if applied to it. Darwinism; the theory of the evolution of man did.

Another reason I don’t believe Darwin is that God, in the creation of Adam, gave me an exalted status. He made me respectable and honoured. He made me His deputy. A deputy of the Lord of the worlds! That gives me a standard to come up to, and a distinction from other creation. It gives me confidence in my being and a purpose to my Life. On the other hand, if I believe that I evolved from apes, I would have no moral standing! The concept of God’s creation of Adam is what gives me everything that makes me different from animals.

I’ll keep that short. The acceptability of a theory for me is how it affects or aims to affect the society. How it upholds morals and grooms the social structure. The twentieth century, having with the most atheistic and materialistic tendency ever seen in the people, brought only havoc to Earth. The theory of evolution of man, was no different. One is as unacceptable to me as the other…

–Sidra Maryam


6 comments on “Why I Don’t Believe Darwin

  • It’s interesting really. Christianity at first accepted Darwin’s theory of evolution, saying that the story of Adam and Eve was more metaphorical to teach us all a lesson of sorts, until they realised what Darwin’s theory really meant. It meant that the world was evil, and only those strong enough survived. However Christianity did not want to accept this message seeing as they viewed the world as beautiful. I personally agree and believe in what Darwin wrote. If you cannot see that the modern world is an evil corrupt society where only the strongest survive then you are completely blind. Yes the world has its beautiful parts but some of it is harsh and you cannot ignore it. If you ignore it then how are you meant to fix it? I feel religion should stop dismissing the disgusting world and do something about it instead. Also, this is my opinion, but I don’t see why you feel God gave you your morals as some sort of gift, do you not believe in yourself? Can you not see how the human brain creates its own morals based on its environment and upbringing from parents? You need to open your mind more and look past religion to truly understand the world and then use the true messages of religion to help the world. Its you. You. Not God. Believe in yourself.

    • I respect your views, and certainly Christianity’s,but don’t you see what has made the society evil and corrupt? It’s the thirst for power and utilities, and the strongest survive here by suppressing the weak. And guess what? I believe this is because of their lack of morals. Every person born on Earth has equal right to live here, and the strong are meant to protect the weak. If the world’s all and only about the survival of the fittest, then what is the point of Bible or any religion infact?
      And I believe religion does not ignore the harsh part of the world, but provides the best solutions to it. I also believe as you said, God-given morals to be a gift to me. They are of a universal standard. Seeing otherwise, everyone makes morals according to their requirements. Morals are not garments to be adjusted as per your needs. No, they are standards, and for the world to function smoothly, they aught to universal. My morals are endorsed by my upbringing and mind and personally I believe the world would do well overall if they adhered to them too. I believe in myself as much as I believe in God. That’s the reason that about things beyond grasp of human mind, I trust God, who created them, and what He tells me about them.
      Coming back to Darwin’s theory, how come man stopped evolving somewhere in the middle? Why is he the same as he was in say, the ice ages? Also, if man evolved from apes, what explains the extremely huge human skeletons found at places? Should’nt they be shorter? Also, that in accepting Adam and Eve’s theory to be metaphorical, what remains the point of the concept of the Original Sin or Baptism? Or if we further it, then the crucifiction Of the Christ and the concept that in the process he absolved man of this sin. Furthermore, in accepting Adam and Eve’s theory to be metaphorical, you are infact questioning the authenticity of the Bible. God would have many other ways to explain the same thing. Why would he make up a story?
      The last thing is that Darwin’s theory is still a theory. It hasn’t been proven till yet. And no theory of the creation of man can ever be proven because man did not exixt when man was created! Considering it, I would rather believe God who was there when He created man. In the end, it’s my views and your views. I can’t impose mine on yours, and you can’t impose yours on mine. But I do suppose that in the end you’ll believe that i possess an “open mind.” 🙂

  • I agree with your first point. Society is corrupt, and it is indeed due to a lack of morals in some people who value wealth and other things too much. I still feel the world in general is about survival of the fittest. As humans have evolved we have developed a conscious mind, past that of survival instincts, we have evolved to the point where we are the fittest and have developed a paternalistic view of the world, that we owe it to the world to protect it and take care of all its creatures. This is in fact what the Bible I feel sets out to do, all religion in fact sets out to teach people morals to be better people and protect the world we have come to dominate. I don’t want to point out any religions but I personally feel some religions lead to some rather nasty beliefs induced by the morals set out such as parents killing their child if they disgrace the family. I agree everyone needs a moral guide in life, one which can relate to all modern life. I just personally feel that there is no religion out in the world currently that sets out a clear line of morals that cover all of life. I will take Christianity as an example. Yes it sets out some very good morals that everyone should follow but in places the Bible can be interpreted in multiple ways and can therefore lead to multiple lines of advice. Which in turn still leads to people having to follow their internal morals to chose the path to take. One day hopefully everyone will be able to follow the same universal morals across the world and the world will be a better place for it. Unfortunately that universal code remains unwritten in my view.
    To cover your question of why we stopped evolving, and the short skeleton argument. Evolution doesn’t happen overnight and even the smallest changes take billions of years, which is why we haven’t changed that much in quite a while. I know very little about huge human skeletons found or how old they are, from the very little I know I felt the proof in skeletal form for the evolution of man to be rather solid. But without further research I can comment little more on this.
    I didn’t myself say Adam and Eve was metaphorical, I was only reporting what I have heard some Christian leaders came out and said at the onset of Darwin’s discovery. It is still a trend that occurs as some modern preachers believe the Bible to be metaphorical in places in aim of teaching morals etc, I’m not saying the whole Bible is a long metaphor, even though some people may see it as that. Lots of people don’t believe in God but still appreciate the Bible for teaching morals.
    To cover your last point. I don’t know why scientist were stupid enough to coin the term theory or if its etymology has changed in recent years but here is a definition:
    A scientific theory is “a well-substantiated explanation of some aspect of the natural world, based on a body of facts that have been repeatedly confirmed through observation and experiment.”
    So theories are really well proven through observation of the world. I personally feel his actual observations to be stronger than things I seen written in the Bible which have no visual proof among my world, even though I appreciate its teachings. As you say it’s my views and your views. But I do enjoy discussing views on topics with people who have a different perspective to me. It is enlightening and education. So thank you :D.

    • I am glad you are conscious of the moral degradation we are faced with today, and care too about it. However, perhaps because you haven’t come accross it, you cannot say that there is no religion out there that sets out a clear line that covers all morals. It’s said about the Quran, that it is complete code of life, and not a single thing in it has till yet been altered, or for fact, solidly contradicted. And take just the last Sermon of the Prophet SAW, it has been recorded, and it said to be the Magna Carter: The Universal Charter of Human Rights. You can read the full one here just scroll down a bit.
      And yes indeed, I have the knowledge that evolution is said to happen over millions of years, but there are millions of humans and millions of apes, why isn’t it that there a millions of half-mutated beings? Then to further the skeleton thing, even without research, you must know abou the ruins. Petra for instance. They are absolutely colossal. The man today is too small to construct stuff like that in the mountains even with all his technology. And the work is you’ll agree, human, and not super-natural. Won’t you count that as a further proof that man has diminished in size and not grown?
      My point about the Bible was that perhaps it is not whole a long metaphor, but when you label some of it as such, you can’t be sure of the other either. When one is a metahor, then there is equal possibility that the other is too. In that, the preachers themselves question the whole authenticity of the Bible aswell as its Holiness.
      On a lighter note, scientist can be stupid, we’ve seen that 😛 On a formal note, this theory too is just like the many theories presented before about the origin of man. I don’t remember the philosophers’ names but there are atleast two that I have come accross. One that says that everything just came to be out of nothing, and the other that everything has a source, and then there was a long discussion about the “source.” The thing is that theories of Creation have been for ages presented, and these theories were as authentic in their times as Darwin’s. But the only theory who’s authenticity has remained over the ages is the concept of God and the Creation of Adam. That it has not been in any way the others have been, contradicted, makes quite solid for me. Darwin’s theory may be called a scientific theory, but its controversial. There are other scientific theories presented in this area too, and as I said, about this particular thing, observation and fact are not compatible.
      And yes I’ve enjoyed discussing this with you too, my pleasure and my thanks 🙂

  • You can definitely see your enthusiasm within the paintings you write. The world hopes for even more passionate writers like you who aren’t afraid to say how they believe. All the time follow your heart.

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