Published February 3, 2013 by sidmary

Thandiani (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

December, we visited the northern areas of Pakistan. They are a height and beauty to be reckoned with.

At the near-top of a mountain in Thandiani, we spent a few hours. Over there, near the top of the world in the late evening, I said my Prayers. In that momemt that I said them, I was infused with overwhelming emotions of Love and Fear. Gratefulness and helplessness washed over me. Where I sat, after the platform ended on my right, all you could see was the sky. On my right, the slope of a mountain faced me. It seemed so near, I could make out the very barks and leaves of the trees aligned on its breast. On my front, past the road cut into the mountain whichwe had taken, there was a deep drop and a vast space. Miles and miles ahead, I could make out the outlines and colours of mountains beyond dimmed in my view by the mist enveloping them.

I loved God in that moment for bringing me so far up and away from my city; at a height I had hardly ever dared to think of conquering. And I loved Him for making it so beautiful, and allowing me to appreciate it. I feared Him too in that instant for when His anger would annihialate these very mountains, and all beauty and life herein would crumble…

–Sidra Maryam


2 comments on “Tumult

  • Donthatemeplease…. isn’t “They are a height and beauty to be reckoned.” incorrect? Shouldn’t it be “They are a height and beauty to be reckoned WITH”…. I mean is “reckoned with” simply an idiomatic expression, or is it the grammaticaly correct way of phrasing things? I’ve never seen “reckoned” used in a sentence like you do in your second sentence…. umm maybe you should get it checked? …..oki’mdonenaggingnowsorry,ijustlikegrammar.
    Awesome post, BTW.

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