January the First

Published January 1, 2013 by sidmary

December is the end of happenings. Consciously or unconsciously, I wrap up everything I started that year. If I have written my goals somewhere and forgotten them, I take the pains to go through them again. I draw up a list of all unfinished books, and try to hurry through them before December 31st…

I take a look at what happened in my life, my country, my family, and it often surprises me how so many changes went unnoticed by. I skim through my diary and see how far I have come, and thank God for having given me another good year of life to learn and make memories from…

But then comes Jan, as we nick the next new month, and there’s loads to start all over again. Resolutions to make, targets to set, lessons to apply…and I realize that the end of one happening is only the beginning of another.

So whoever was this man who started the calender, I think he did it so that we could continue in our endeavours with renewed zeal and motivation and keep track of what has happened and why.

I know half the world did not expect to make it to 2013, but now that we have, lets make it better than ever before…

Happy January the first. πŸ™‚


–Sidra Maryam


3 comments on “January the First

  • exactly…”half the world” must be dazed that they survived the “end of the world” or no….they must have watched the movie “2012”…..we were supposed to survive …though not so many….lol….it still makes me laugh!!!

    • πŸ˜› yeah…wese let me share an interesting fact: while half the world was freaking out thinking of 21st dec, the minimum tension was noted in Muslim countries…
      isn’t that wow. because we believe that if God wishes this to be the end, no one can survive, and if God does not wish it so, then no one can die πŸ˜›
      great thing, this faith πŸ™‚ right???

      • agreed….faith can do magic…..and if it is the true one i.e ISLAM, then one can’t imagine how much it supports us….i love being a muslim….!!!

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