Published December 13, 2012 by sidmary

A rainy day is when everyone feels closer to the land around them. It brings back memories, sweet and sad, as well as damp and mournful….most of all it freshens them all up, washing away the dust from trying-to-forget things. This poem is about rain, and what is causes. About guilt that invades the soul about a past that is unforgettable. It is about finally finally giving in to fate at a momentous time of all Time. I tried out confined verse this was fun 🙂 Anyways, enjoy this and of course, your rainy days. May they never bring you but happiness..

photo credit- Raymond Polanco

I woke up at that part of yesternight

When all reality had taken the form of rain.

They knocked a knock knock on my window pane,

And I woke up and went forth without fright.

Behind the curtains, beyond the panes, I thought they were angels.


I pulled the curtains and there were raindrops racing down

Like the rivers from the ice of my eyes.

I pushed the window eagerly aside; was confronted by embodiments of Vice!

They closed in, each a separate frown:

They came from my past, they were not angels.


They shrouded me in heavy memories till I fell to the ground.

I pounded the garment but was not unbound!

I had secretly nurtured hopes of being saved, being found!

But Past guarded me from that like a maleficent hound!

I was never born to be freed, to be saved by angels…

–Sidra Maryam


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