Thank You

Published December 1, 2012 by sidmary
I wrote this way back and I am posting this now. It may be way too long for the tastes of some of you, and I do feel it drags somewhat at the beginning, but this is about prayers. Prayers and smiles; because I believe strongly in them both. Out of personal experience, I can tell you that these two things shape your lives, so be generous with them when it comes to your loved ones, and when asking for them. You don’t know the uncertainty and the fear that grips you about life when you lose someone who loves you and prays day and night for you. I know. And well, talking about love, however ironic this may sound, the closest two people can be is when there is God between them. A third, indeed, but always there. And love is when two people are brought closer to God by being closer together…and vice-versa.

In the darkness of the night,

And its depth,

When you pray for me:

A cool hand descends upon me in summers;

And a warm hand in winters.


When I am asleep,

It makes me dream of sweet things

Which bring a smile to my lips,

So that the onlookers say

That I am dreaming of angels.

Indeed I am:

Because they bring me your prayers,

And enfold me in them.

Thank you!


And when I am awake at night,

A calm descends upon me,

And everything all at once

Becomes beautiful.

That is when I know,

That somewhere in your own recluse

You prayed for me.

Thank you!


And when life turns harsh hands towards me,

And whips me till I cry;

And days seem unending misery,

And nights sleepless and wry;

When Hope from me seems to have fled!

And you pray for me:

Then, oh then!

My worries cease,

My problems ease,

And Hope comes back.

Then days are bright,

And nights are sweet.

Burdens unload,

And roads un-crease.


Then with each silent breeze that blows;

And with each fragrant smell;

With the tinkle of every chime;

And the whisper of the trees:

A smile is brought unto my lips.

Thank you!


With every breath of every smile,

Come life or death,

Come day or night:

Every time I think of you,

A prayer is brought unto my lips,

And my heart joins the Deed.

Angels take it from my breath,

And God accepts it high above.

The wind transports it over to you

And all universe



And in my heart, I know it true:

That each Smile is a Prayer,

And each Prayer a Smile.

–Sidra Maryam


9 comments on “Thank You

  • Ha! Im amazed at how you put such strong feelings in a poem that sounds so brisk and light. There wasn’t a single place in the whole poem where I felt words were being wasted or dragged!
    What I love most from the intro are the last lines πŸ™‚ indeed, thats the strength of love- when people are brought closer to God because of each other-
    You’re marvelous! πŸ™‚

    • thanks aamna πŸ™‚ you are always so encouraging.
      i really believe that you know…when friendshop, love whatever, builds on anything besides the love of God, then its usually a very unstable foundation to the relationship…and yeah well, i can speak volumes on it, so i’ll just shut up right now πŸ˜›

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