For Gaza…

Published November 20, 2012 by sidmary
Rally against the siege of Gaza

Rally against the siege of Gaza (Photo credit: Toban Black)

And here go the bombs raining again on Gaza, on women, children and elderly more than men. Here goes violence erupting through land, and people crying out yet never giving up.

Here, in Palestine, Israel shows and continually shows what it is and what it upholds. What it calls defense and what it calls attack. And all this happens, yet the international community remains aloof. Why doesn’t anyone gather the statistics of this continuous holocaust? Why does not the UN condemn the bombardings on the civilians?

“If 9/11 deserved a moment of silence, then this deserves a lifetime of it.” Won’t you agree??

Dont you condemn the atrocities committed by the zionists and the silence observed on it?

Don’t you understand what humanity and human rights call for?

Don’t you sympathize with dozens of civilians and innocents dying every day?

Protest against the Israeli attack on the Pale...

If you don’t, then try to…because what happens there may knock next on your doorsteps. You may live in some secure aloof section of the world, but you live in the world, and unless you speak for what is right and against what is wrong, you would be a part of the wrongdoing.

God has strange ways to work the world. What goes around comes around. As much as the victims of terror can become the perpetrators of evil, the perpetrators of evil can come to regret it. Be careful about the part you play in these happenings.


–Sidra Maryam



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