Would I???

Published July 20, 2012 by sidmary
Wild Baltic Sea

Wild Baltic Sea (Photo credit: draculina_ak)

We visited the beach yesterday. The sea was furious. I thought about all the times I had conjured up all the different types of seas in my mind…I found the real one totally against my expectation. It was not my first visit…but a visit after a long long time.

I compared my perception of the sea to its reality. I wondered then, that do I really love the sea? Then another question struck up:

If I really loved the sea, would I drown myself in it??

My own answer is still not determined.  Take it literally or take it figuratively…Would you??


10 comments on “Would I???

  • it’s a wonderful photo. I love jetties. I even wrote an ode to jetties [ it’s on my blog somewhere, probably under .my poetry’. . I live close to the beach so I go down there almost every day, either for a long walk or a swim, though only in summer. Sometimes like now I go down towards evening to watch the sunset

  • Hi, this is a fantastic blog! I have a memory of the sea as a child, that in my adult life going to the beach I have never seen again! It’s mystical how the memories of us are dust covered windows we can only look at and never touch! Thank you for the likes! Fly thru some pages today! Great meeting you!

    • we’re all so selfish these days…we can only know when we are tested. Imagine droning in the sea…giving up every single thing you have is not easy…and giving away your whole life and self..!!!
      I just pray to God that He gives me such faith and perseverance… (Ameen)

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