The Door

Published June 14, 2012 by sidmary
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There is a door on the sidewalk

That appeared one day

As I passed it;

And I hurriedly passed it by.


Each day as I walked that route

I felt time running out

As I neared the door.

I had to reach my destination.


Yet as I scurried, flurried,

I never once missed

observing the door well.

It never failed to catch my eye.


Fearfully I avoided it,

Yet every time I had gone on,

A wave of regret and guilt

Never failed to wash me out.


It took great courage and guts

To open that door one day.

I hid my watch the night before

And left time somewhere in the way.


There was nothing extraordinary behind the door:

A sense of home,

A feel of warmth.

But I was glad I had taken the chance.


For if I had not opened the door,

And left for some far-distant place,

The chance having missed me,

Would it have been my life regret?

–Sidra Maryam


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