Karachi Crisis

Published March 29, 2012 by sidmary

(I wrote this poem two years back: on the 19th of October 2010. The school was off the next day due to the disturbed situations of the city. Unfortunately, things have not changed much. School was off again today. In my home, safe and sound, I wondered again of what mattered to me. I wondered again how each one of them who is dying or dead matters to me. I have never seen it happen. The television makes it appear a far distant phenomenon. What happens in the City seems like a happening of another world. That is the same for many. It is about time this stops; about time we learn to compromise with our differences and live with our diversity. About time we begin to feel for what is happening around us: before it all hits home.)

The school is off!

I whooped, I cried,

I ran around for joy!

And never once I stopped to think:

They couldn’t even say goodbye!

They; and each and every one

Who died in the same way:

Violence victims, shattered lives:

They went far, far away.

And not even a hug or kiss,

Or parting word of ‘bye

Could they impart to their loved ones

Who waited all the nigh’.

And wait they would forever more,

And every night as such

Would fast relive the memory,

The burning of the heart.

To all those people, all those lives:

The living dead, the dead alive:

For how long more!?

For how many nights!?

There is a mother waiting by the fireside.

A wife who grieves with swollen eyes.

A girl who has forgotten how to smile.

A boy who is drained of all his life.

-Sidra Maryam


32 comments on “Karachi Crisis

  • sid……i am at a loss….words cannot explain this…..truly eye-opening…..May Allah lead our city nd country a bright nd shiny future….

  • a very moving and sad poem; we don’t hear much about Pakistan in Australia except for the spasmodic acts of terrorism that are reported ever so briefly but your poem brings it down to the personal level

  • …Pakistan can never heal with leaders like those of today :/
    What we need is a real revolution so even if we are affected, our children and future generations will be in safer hands…
    Even today, its just another “alternate halaat kharab” day…and my brother is still in the factory 😦
    And I want to murder a million people…:@

    • OMG!!! i am sooo praying for your brother. May God bring him back safely.
      And the leaders are only an image of the population. Our population is confused. And our democracy is more of a sophisticated dictatorship. We work with our people and things change dramatically 🙂

  • Message for us (the muslims + pakistanis )

    Apne Markaz se Agar Duur Nikal Jao gai
    Khaak Ho Jaao gai Afsanon mai Dhal jao gai

    Apni Mitti pe Chalnay ka Saleeqa Seekho
    Sang-e-MarMar pe Chalo ge To Phisal Jao gai

    Jo de rahay hain Tumhain Rafaqaton ka Fareb
    Unki Tareekh parho gai to dehal jao gai

    Apne Parcham ki Rangat ko Bhula mat dena
    Surkh Sholon se Khelo gai to Jal jao gai


  • The poetry is beautiful and the facts are really very sad…. I have seen people blaming our leaders for this…. Aray bhae Allah says jesi Quom hogi wesa Leadr milay ga why don’t we understand this ? We are the ones who can make ‘Halaat’ better ! No superman will come from the skies to do that.

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