With Love

Published March 27, 2012 by sidmary

Close the windows;

Close the doors.

Pull down the shutters:

Keep home.


Jump into your bed.

Pull on the covers.

Be safe.


Wake up in the morning,

When it’s over.

— With Love.


Open the windows;

Open the doors.

Pull the blinds apart:

Go out.


Let the dust come in.

Let the fight rage on.

Join in.


Whack the monsters hard.

Turn the tables round.

For peace.


Brave the challenge: GO!

Take the challenge : GO!

Take risks.


When you come home, Brave:

Polish the furniture hard;

To clean.


You will have all the bliss,

The strength and the will,

To dream.


But if you don’t come home,

If you take what it costs:

I’ll still believe in you.

–With more Love.


–Sidra Maryam


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