Your Calling

Published March 3, 2012 by sidmary

If God ever grants you the blessed day when you would open a history book with your own interest (and hands) a new world will open to you. No, actually it is going to be this same world, but in a very different way; in a very different perspective. I can’t say that I have studied history even the slightest, but I just finished a very brief volume of Islamic history from the advent of Islam to the first ~550 years, and it has inspired me. (In case you are curious, its ‘Millate Islamea ki aik Mukhtasir Taarikh’ (part 1) by Sarwat Saulat. It caused me at least to start looking at the world from a slightly different perspective.

It happens like this: You open the book and at the chapters in which they speak of knowledge and progress and research and great people and worthy kings and ideal societies…you extremely lose yourself. (And I am not lying, because there have been such ideal periods in our history). The European Dark Age was the Muslims Golden Age, and the basis of Western knowledge turns out to be Muslims’ research!

Anyways, you dream of being born there. Of all your hidden talents and unbiased opportunities of progress and “revelation”. You think how different life could be if you were born at that time; what great people you would know; what great contributions you would make; what a happy, pure, peaceful life it could be; or how positive your relationship with and existence in the world be! It’s a great history and more than you can wish to be born in the future, you will wish you were born in the past.

Then KABOOM! Someone calls and you close the book and all the dreamlike fantasy (read: history) vanishes in an instant. You realize that of all the times-you-could-have-been-born-in, God chose you to be born in the 20th (or the 21st) century. The epiphany is suffocating; even depressing sometimes. It feels as if your heart has been clenched in an iron claw. Then you are unable to come out of that feeling for quite some time.

Eventually, after you have done all your envying and your mourning and begin to think why God specifically made you for now, a new world opens to you. You begin to think of your Calling. 

So what is this Calling? It is the reason why you were born and why you were specifically born as you were, and why you were specifically born in this age.

You begin to think why God made you so perfect: all the limbs, all the family, all the knowledge, all the luxury…it is stuff that most people don’t have! Then you look at the other things God has created in such a way and you realize that nothing He made was for nothing!! Then you read history and the prospects of future and you realize that God wants/ wanted a special something from you! You realize that that the age in which you are born has a special significance in your life. YOU ARE MEANT TO DO SOMETHING!

A friend I made for a few days said something to me that has since been imprinted on my mind. She said that “If you know your abilities and are not using them for the betterment of the world, you are in fact denying a gift; a blessing from God. You are being Ungrateful.”

I realized my abilities and started using them. I discovered my Calling and continue to realize it more. History gives me lessons and dreams; the future gives me an incentive. The world can be a better place.

So what is your Calling???


Sidra Maryam

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8 comments on “Your Calling

  • I absolutely love this post!!! You’ve perfectly taken a leaf outta a history book to tell us to Wake Up! Jazak Allah, we need reminders like these!
    It’s true… every law that Newton passed was done by some Muslim scientist nearly 4000 years ago. Take Pascal’s Triangle for an example. Uh, Pascal who? Al-Karaji and Omer Kayyam discovered it first – where’d they go oh, modern Physics’ Books?
    It’s when they ransacked Baghdad and burned down all the libraries there and took away all our books that they performed the greatest violation of Copyright Laws EVER!
    “Yeh ilm kay moti kitabein apnay aba ki
    Jo dekhein in ko Europe mein, to dil hota hai separa”
    Our scientists were in the thousands, and each individual was researching a thousand subjects. We had writers too (heard of Rumi?) but no one ever seems to mention that!

    • Always a pleasure 🙂
      There is no one who has contributed as much to sciences and literature as Muslims, since they practically founded the BASIS of it! And then they say that Islam is a backward religion and has no place for advancement and stuff!!! Isn’t that so totally outrageous!
      And the best thing about these people was that they did not merely specialize in particular areas. Omar Khayyam for example, was a thumping good mathematician and astronomer, and an equally good poet!! There wasn’t specification of knowledge or sciences…
      And believe it or not: The first true geographer was also a muslim named Idreesi from spain! Before him, there wasn’t any knowledge or research in that area! And that the heritage of soo many cultures is preserved or recorded at least is also a contribution of Muslims who were one of the firsts to travel and write travelogues.
      Our problem I feel is that we live our own lives day in day out. Its purpose that we want, and of course as i said: knowledge of our calling 😛

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