The Man

Published February 22, 2012 by sidmary

I know a man with three wings:

Two at his arms and one in his mind.

He flies up a ladder step by step.

He is the kind of person you will rarely find.

He aims for the stars; doesn’t look around.

He is in the black of the space right now.

He promised that when he would reach the stars

He would throw stardust below on to Mother Earth.

I live my days, day in day out;

But I remember him every now and then.

I pray he reaches the stars soon

And shower light from the stars high above.

When he will return one day, he will glow with light.

People will see him and forget all else.

There will be legends and myths on his heroism, his fight;

He will awe the world, it will be compelled.

He told me a secret, whispered it in my ear,

Hear, I will whisper it into yours:

He is the doctor, the poet, the freshman, the boss.

He is the boy who dared to yearn in his ragged clothes.

He is your wish, your dream, your hope, your determination.

He is the man beyond reach who calls for your ascension.

Sidra Maryam

(respect the copyrights)


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