Review: Where Rainbows End

Published February 5, 2012 by sidmary

I read “Where Rainbows End” by Cecilia Ahern “yester-night,” and today- 566 pages and through in ummm, 9 hours. Not bad. Actually, it was good to be reading a novel after weeks! It seems ages!!!!

On a second note, the start was amazing, some parts were brilliant, the end was sweet- (except that it when best friends cum soul-mates cum lover are FIFTY when they finally decide to come together) but the rest of the novel dragged. 

All the time Rosie and Alex are struck by fate, go through the tragedies and lose their youth behind them, you feel that the novel is so desperate; it will never end.

There are however, brilliant, insightful, intellectual passages (all by Rosie) which are actually worth it. They are not exactly scattered on the pages like salt on my half-fried egg in breakfast; but they are there all the same- wide apart and short in length, but there.

And this is what i concluded from it (and other novels) about quite a few relationships in the west: 

You meet someone one fine year.

Actually no:

One fine year, you meet someone.

By the end of the year, you are dating.

In the ninth year, you get married.

In the tenth year, you get divorced.

I don’t know what they call the “wild wild west” or why they call it that; but the “wild wild west” to me is the “civilized” world of the Europe and the Americana, where pure relationships hardly ever survive, and the rule of the jungle governs the lives of most people who search all their life for the meaning of their existence.


Sidra Maryam

(I am not biased against the west, and i do appreciate their positive points, and realize that such is not with all the families, but the western social system is a no go for me.)


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