God and Afterlife: A Logical Approach (1)

Published December 30, 2011 by sidmary

I recently read a blog post by an atheist. A person who believes in neither God, nor afterlife. To keep it short, I disagreed. I believe in the right and the freedom of expression, and respect every person’s own believes; yet I have been taught, like every well-groomed person id taught: to stand up for my believes and “disagree agreeably.” It is thus that I write this post:

I believe that everything in the world has a source. That is what I study in all physics: That everything is made up of matter, and matter is the source of all things. This leads me to think that matter too must have a source, and this source must not be matter. There should be an ultimate source of all things; and Something that exists without a source to Itself. I believe that source is God. And I believe that not believing in Him would be denying all physics.

I believe that man is not perfect; that is why he cannot create perfect things. That is why the best of people have some drawbacks here and there, and that is why everything that is created is improved by another generation. Yet I see perfection in many things. I see perfection in the intricate structures of the unicellular organisms; I see perfection in my own body systems, and I see perfection in the vast expanse of the universe which the best of scientists have not been able to determine. The most useless things created are created by a “creator.” This leads me to believe a number of things:

  • There is a Creator, Who created the cells, Who created me, Who created the universe, and everything in it.
  • That Creator is perfect, that is why His creations are perfect in structure and mechanism.
  • That Creator is very powerful. In fact, Ultimately Powerful, Ultimately Insightful, and All-Encompassing. That is why each cell, and the whole universe work in harmony.

I believe that all naturally occurring things work in harmony. (Just as I mentioned). That is why each of the six body systems, (that is as much as I know of) do not overlap or hinder each other. That is why, the carbon cycle and the nitrogen cycle and the water cycle, and all other cycles are as they are: consisting of and involving in themselves a great number of organisms, processes, and things. That is why the planets all move in confined orbits and do not crash against each other. That is why the sun is a measured distance away from Earth and the galaxies are so far apart. That is why I believe that there is only a Single Entity as a creator, or things won’t be in such a harmony, and that Creator is Ultimately Wise and All-Knowing.

I believe in God.

Sidra Maryam

* I am not a scholar or a theologist. Just a ninth grade student. My approach is my own logic and what i have gathered from reading.

9 comments on “God and Afterlife: A Logical Approach (1)

    • thnx 🙂 oh yes. that has to come. the thing is: i am really short on time. lots and lots of stuff in pending, and i have to do some more reading before i write that. so. i will try to put it up as soon as possible. hopefully, it will be up within a week 🙂

  • What a beautiful piece of complex thinking. When my son was in 8th grade biology, we were driving down this beautiful road with all the glorious colors of Kentucky Fall fluttering off the trees.He said, “And, They want me to believe this was all an accident.” I know, that we can’t change many minds, but writing well about your faith is an important start. May you enjoy the blessings of God’s favor.


  • Though metaphysics does not necessarily tell us that everything is made up of matter. You should make it just ‘physics’. Metaphysics is sort of different. =)

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