Breaking Glass and Safety Measures

Published December 23, 2011 by sidmary

Glass tumblers are a big NO-NO at our house. They are kept safely in cupboards and only brought out for guests, visitors, or the elders at the house. The lock and key are meant to guard them for breakage, yet they always manage to escape and break themselves. They are a big hindrance. Not in themselves or in cleaning the mess of the break; but the safekeeping. I wonder if that is the case with all Asian households, or all third world countries’ households, or with all the households in the world?

What remains is one fact: many people in the world (and that is a generalization), are absolutely obsessed with keeping things safe. Their measures: to keep the things beyond reach and beyond use.

Glass is not the only victim. All the china is tucked up for “special occasions” which never happen; All the gold and jewelry is kept in safes and pouches to be conveyed to the next generation which will keep it in the same condition; all the best clothes are destined to hang forever in the cupboard; all children are confined to their homes for safety and to keep them away from bad influences.

The things and situations are many; countless as a matter of fact. Peep in your collar and you will find your safety measures too.

The thing is, that nothing lasts forever. Everything that is destined for culmination will come to an end; and as everything is destined for culmination, everything does comes to an end. A set of glass tumblers kept very safely at our home breaks within six months. Not to ignore the child factor, but the reality is inevitable. Then why just store things up like that. You are really not that famous that you keep your tumblers safe to be displayed in a museum after your death! They really won’t care.

So do one thing. Bring your best cutlery out for the next simple family dinner. Make you signature dish for the family. (People don’t live forever too, you know). Bring out your best dresses and jewelry for the next party. (You yourself may not be there for the next one.) And LET YOUR CHILDREN ENJOY THEIR CHILDHOOD. They won’t be young forever!

And most importantly: celebrate life and what it gives you!

Sidra Maryam

9 comments on “Breaking Glass and Safety Measures

  • o dear dear……..inspired by “the lumber room” were ya???
    welll……..sweet of u to raise voice for such a “sensitive” topic………breaking glasses….hahaha
    dont worry… was nice…..

    • well, the title came first. Then i thought that it was very like the theme of the story! And yes of course. Who will if I don’t raise a voice 😛 You read my tagline I’m sure…or did you not? 😛 thanx again

    • yes. and that is sorrowfully, but exactly what half the world or more tends to do. I believe that people closest to death are in fact closest to life. They can actually understand life better…(if you know what I mean) 🙂

  • Brilliant, like always!
    You’re right of course! Sometimes you have to throw away the thermapole (sp?) wrapping and just have fun!

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