Protest Against Homework: A School Girl’s Plea

Published December 22, 2011 by sidmary

This is another poem I wrote in Grade Six, and something that makes me smile. The rhyme and the meter goes awkward at some places, but I can’t think of how to correct it. As I have a knack for writing down the dates when I write and maintaining a chronological order, I would mention that this was written on the 10th of October 2008.

M.A in this poem stands for “Marked Assessment”


A young child of my age I see,

She was deep in thought or stressed maybe.

The creased lines of worry are not for her age,

Or are those lines on my own face?

But why are they? oh why? oh why?

Be them on my face or thine?

Is it the homework or the heavy schoolbag?

Or the constant backaches and headaches caused by that?

What with aching shoulders, up the stairs to her class

And the sleep-strewn eyes that look like glass;

Can you expect her to do well that day,

In her English, Science and Maths M.A?

She stayed up late, it’s written on her face:

She could either sleep or work on her homework case!


Oh why is study becoming a labour:

All those books every day of the year?

I don’t disagree with the course of life.

And study is a job to which we must abide.

But are not the hours of school enough?

Or probably some research and review for home

Rather than hours and hours of “homework” stuff?


Now on behalf of the girl and me,

And on the behalf of all our “kind,”

I plea and plea: Oh teachers mind!

For play and fun, do give us time!

And not much work for home please give,

It seems like a revenge or something!


Nothing against you, like parents you are,

And forgive us if any wrong we’ve done:

Just don’t give as much work as you do,

Oh please oh please, listen to me too


Sidra Maryam


11 comments on “Protest Against Homework: A School Girl’s Plea

    • uh oh :l i’m sooo sorry. Actually I wrote it when I was pretty upset and then I didn’t think much about it. I was just sifting through past exercise books when I found this. Actually, No one has read this before I posted it here. It was just old pencil and paper up till now! is that sorry enough 😛

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