Lessons from my Grandmother

Published December 15, 2011 by sidmary

Every time I’d remember it,
A low sob would escape into my pillow.
I’d slowly whisper.

Then I would see her knitting,
  Just knitting away,
  Over that whole book of advises.
  Or sewing,
  Just sewing away,
  Over that long list of suggestions.

   Then I would think of all those things
   I wanted to learn from her,
   Or which she wanted to teach me.

And now,
I realize,
That for everything I want to do,
Or learn,
There’s no tomorrow.
Just now-and this moment to avail.

  Then I would see her talking,
  Talking to me,
  As if I was someone special;
   Of all her days I hadn’t seen
  Her special moments,
  All those years away.
   And again a low sob would escape me,
   I’d say.

But now,
I understand,
that all those moments of my busy life,
Are not mine.
And all those little things,
That mean so much,
Are meant to be shared
With all those special people,
who care.
And that my time,
Is not mine,
But borrowed, 
of theirs’.

  Then when I’d relive it again:
  That peaceful smile,
  Contented eyes,
  A louder sob would escape me.
   I’d almost cry.

But today,
Just today,
It dawned upon me,
That time and death,
Are close friends.
Like me and Life?
And that,
All I’ve got is today,
For all those smiles to scatter,
All those eyes to contend.
 Because Grandma,
 She taught me,
 With her very being:
 is too  
 and Time;
 too fast.
 and what closely follows,
 is death.
 And that alone,
 Makes Life so important,
 And that again,
 is the sole reason
 to gain,
 from giving,
 In this Life.


Sidra Maryam


6 comments on “Lessons from my Grandmother

  • oh sid…no words to express…..u seriously know how to play with words….
    btw…..i seemed to cum from da heart……am i right or was it designed….???

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